How does our matchmaking packages work??

Step 1:- Upon clients confirmation of package, we will arrange with our Vietnam Representative for all the bride-to-be within our list of ready brides-to-be base on the bridegroom's ideal mentioned partner.

Step 2:- We arrange air ticket, airport transfer to native village, hotel room stay, food and transportation which is included in the package for our client to goes for a 5 days 4 nights tour to Ho Chi Minh Native Village to get to meet the groups of selected base on bridegroom's ideal girls of range age from 18 years old and above.

Step 3:- Client will get to meet face-to-face and choose from groups of village bride-to-be girls with our team of professional translator, advisor and consultant which they will assist by screening/interviewing, offering advice, briefing/introduction of every individual bride-to-be family background, medical health check (If its required) & interaction during the bridegroom meet-up with them for the 1st 3 days of the package. Client will shortlist 5 ideal bride-to-be till the 3rd day which the client will confirm the confirmed bride from the 5 shortlist girls as his confirmed bride.

Step 4:- After the client have chosen the confirm bride from the shortlist of the ideal girls, we will bring our client in meeting the bride’s family in person to their home in discuss of the wedding / preparation. After which, the bride will stay/mingle with our client throughout his stay in Vietnam for a free & easy tour with his chosen bride in getting to know/to build relationship between our client and the chosen bride. Bride will not stay overnight with the client until the traditional wedding / ROM is held due to the conservative culture in Vietnam native village.

Step 5:- After our client have return to origin country, we will arrange all necessary documents/passport for the bride with the local authority in Vietnam and let the bride to attend a 30 days language course which is included in the package to build up her basic language before the bride is ready to fly over to Singapore..

Step 6:- After the client have return to origin country, we will arrange booking date with the Registry of Marriage in Singapore base on our client’s chosen date/place for the solemnisation to take place. We will prepare all necessary documents along booking of our translator to be available for the solemnisation. (For client which wish to get ROM in Singapore Only)

Step 7:- Client have to purchase air-ticket for the bride and they can choose to go themselves to Viet to pickup the bride or appoint our representive to assist in bring the bride to Singapore with add-on air-ticket.

Step 8:- After the marriage, we will continue to give support to the bride or our client by giving advice and guidance for any after marriage matters or application for Visas/PR.

Why we are different from other matchmaking agencies??

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