What our package includes:-

Our matchmaking or wedding packages consist of below:-

  • 2 ways air ticket for groom from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City / Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore for 5 days
  • Luxury Van Airport Transfer from Ho Chi Minh Airport to native village
  • Hotel accommodation stay for 5 days in Ho Chi Minh Village
  • Daily meals during the 5 days stay in Ho Chi Minh Village
  • Transportation during the 5 days stay in Ho Chi Minh Village
  • Health examination for the bride if required
  • Vietnam representative, translator & consultant
  • Arrangement to meet and select from groups of potential bride-to-be
  • Basic Chinese/English language course for the bride
  • Bride’s passport application and marriage documentation/ certification
  • Follow-up by our consultant with bride for any advise needed

Our Package differences with other agencies:-

  1. Our package offer is an all-in matchmaking / wedding packages which is very welcome by most of our clients and bride-to-be in Vietnam which we are offeing at low and competitive price with the highest level of service compare to other agencies with no hidden cost.
  2. We offered a personalised package service rather than a commercialise package service which our consultant will serve 24 hours to the clients from the day of travel from Singapore till the bride / bridgegroom get married and settle down in their origin country.
  3. We offer Chinese / English speaking consultant suitable to the client which most of other agencies do not offer.
  4. We only offer village bride-to-be due to their conservative culture and their hardworking nature which will be more suitable to all of our clients which is different from other agencies.
  5. We are famous in serving both local / foreigners compared to other agencies with our reputed growth of local and foreign clients.
  6. We do not offer any incentive to all our bride-to-be which other agencies do which it makes the bride most willingness in getting married with the clients of their own choice.
  7. Bride-to-be and the client itself have the right to say "No" and no forcement will be taken to the bride-to-be or client should they reject the choice of their own which is much different from other agencies.
  8. We offer after service / support after the bride / bridgegroom have ROM in their origin country in offering any advise needed which other agencies do not provide.

How long does the bride will be ready for marriage?? >>>

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